Jin, Yan

Chair of National College English Testing Committee, P.R. China

Professor of School of Foreign Languages, 

Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Tel: +86-21-52583311

Fax: +86-21-62826622

Email: yjin@sjtu.edu.cn

Education and Professional Experience

Professor Jin received her first degree in English for Science 

and Technology in 1988 and her MA degree in Applied Linguistics 

in 1991 from Shanghai Jiao Tong University ( SJTU ). She then 

joined the faculty of the Foreign Languages Department ( now 

School of Foreign Languages ) at SJTU and teaches English and 

applied linguistics. Professor Jin completed her doctoral research 

and received her PhD degree in 1998 at SJTU. Her doctoral study was 

based on a four-year research project jointly sponsored by the British Council and the 

National College English Testing Committee to develop and validate an advanced level 

standardized reading skills test. The research provides ample evidence supporting the 

claims of the componentiality of the ability to read in English as a foreign language, 

which has important pedagogical and assessment implications. The study won the Shanghai 

municipal government's award for Outstanding PhD Research and was documented in the 12th 

volume of the Studies in Language Testing Series published by Cambridge University Press 

in 2000. 

In addition to her teaching and research at SJTU, Professor Jin has also been involved 

in the design and development of the College English Test (CET), a standardized EFL test 

with an annual testee population of more than 10 million, since 1991 and served on the 

National College English Testing Committee (NCETC) since 1996. Members of the Committee 

consist of professors of linguistics and applied linguistics who are appointed by the 

Higher Education Department of the Ministry of Education. Professor Jin was Director of 

the Committee's Administration Office from 1999 to 2004, Executive Vice Chair of the 

Committee from 2003 to 2004 and was appointed Chair of the Committee in June 2004.

Professor Jin's research focuses on theory and practice of language testing, especially 

areas related to large-scale standardized language tests. Her research experience includes 

several Sino-British cooperative projects in language testing which were completed in 

the 1990s. She also took part in a computerized writing project at the Centre for Research 

in Testing, Evaluation and Curriculum, University of Surrey Roehampton, UK, in 2004. Over 

the past decade, Professor Jin has published numerous papers and books and frequently 

presented at international conferences on topics concerning various aspects of test design 

and development.

Research Interests:

    - Large scale standardized language testing

    - Language test design and development 

    - Language test validation

Selected Publications:

Publications in English

1. Jin Yan. A Componential Analysis of Chinese Readers' Difficulties in Reading 

   in English as a Foreign Language. In WORKING PAPERS IN TEFL, Vol. II, 1999,  

   University of Reading, UK

2. Jin Yan. Chinese students' difficulties in reading English. In Changing 

   Languages: Language Education in the Era of Transition. Part II (No. 5) Edited 

   by Linda Y.O. Mak and Merry M.L. Keung. 2000,  The Hong Kong University of 

   Science and Technology Publishing House and Shanghai Jiaotong University 

   Publishing House 

3. Jin Yan. Feedback on the CET Spoken English Test and Its Backwash Effect on 

   the Teaching of Oral English in China. In English Language Testing in Asia: 

   Commonalities and Differences. 2000, Hong Kong Examinations Authority  	

4. Yang Huizhong and Jin Yan. Score Interpretation of CET In English Language 

   Testing in Asia: Commonalities and Differences. 2000, Hong Kong Examinations 


5. Cyril J. Weir, Yang Huizhong and Jin Yan. An Empirical Investigation of the 

   Componentiality of L2 Reading in English for Academic Purposes.  2000, 

   Cambridge University Press, UK 	

6. Guo Jieke and Jin Yan. Development and Preliminary Validation of the CET 

   Semi-Direct Oral Proficiency Test. Conference proceedings of Second Regional

   Conference on College English Teaching - Crosslinks in English Language Teaching. 

   2001, The Chinese University of Hong Kong Publishing House	

7. Guo Jieke and Jin Yan. Research on the Validity of the CET Semi-Direct Oral 

   Proficiency Test and Its Comparability to the CET-Spoken English Test. Conference 

   proceedings of Fourth International Conference on English Language Testing in Asia. 

   2001, College Entrance Examination Centre, Taiwan	

8. Jin Yan. The Development and Validation of the Advanced English Reading Test. 

   2002, Shanghai Jiaotong University		

9. Jin Yan and Yang Huizhong. The English Proficiency of College and University 

   Students in China: As Reflected in the CET. Language, Culture and Curriculum, 

   Volume 19:1, 2006 Multilingual Matters Ltd., England

Publications in Chinese

10. 金艳,吴江  "内省"法在阅读理解测试研究中的应用 《外语界》1997年第四期

11. 金艳,吴江  以"内省"法检验CET阅读理解测试的效度 《外语界》1998年第二期

12. 金艳,吴江(设计、撰稿)  大学英语口语考试 (CET Spoken English Test Sample Test) 


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14. 金艳,陈琳丽(设计、撰稿)全国大学英语四、六级考试口语考试考场布置及施考过程 2000, 


15. 杨惠中,金艳  大学英语四、六级考试分数解释 《外语界》2001年第一期

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22. 金艳 最大限度发挥英语四、六级考试的正面导向作用《中国高等教育》中国教育报刊社 




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